MV Island Trader History

Lord Howe Island Sea Freight Pty Ltd was founded in 1992 with majority ownership being from residents of Lord Howe Island. This remains the case today.

The aim was to address the rising costs of sea freight to the Island and today these benefits have flowed to all residents of Lord Howe Island.

The company is sensitive to Island issues as well as dedicated to protecting the delicate marine environment in which we operate. The MV Island Trader was built in Singapore in 1981 as a special purpose landing craft and is ideal for taking the ground and resting on the lagoon bottom at Lord Howe Island.

Our vessel has a lifting capacity of 8 tonnes, and a diesel fuel cargo carrying capacity of up to 60.000 litres. It makes fortnightly trips from Port Macquarie on the NSW coast and to date has made over 459 return voyages.