MV Island Trader History

The Lord Howe Island Sea Freight Pty Ltd (LHISF) was founded in 1992 with majority ownersip  held by the residents of Lord Howe Island. The purpose of the Island Trader was to reduce the costs of sea freight to the Island. 

The Island Trader has a lifting capacity of 8 tonnes and a diesel fuel cargo carrying capacity of up to 60,000 litres. The MV Island Trader was built in Singpaore in 1981 and is the ideal vessel to travel to Lord Howe Island. 

In 2009, LHISF began working closely with local family-owned, Port Macquarie based business, Birdon Pty Ltd. The freight vessel used Birdon's slipway to dock and load the goods and supplies bound for Lord Howe Island. 

In 2018, Birdon acquired the Island Trader and the freight services to Lord Howe Island. The responsbility for freight services between mainland Australia and Lord Howe Island is not a role Birdon has taken on lightly. Birdon has a genuine understanding of the needs of residents and a complete commitment to protecting the environment of, and surrounding, Lord Howe Island. 

Under Birdon ownership, the vessel continues to make fortnightly trips from Port Macquarie, continuing the safe, reliable and affordable service offered to residents.