Please find below the following policies:

1.1 General

It is our policy to provide a marine transportation service of quality, safety and efficiency.We are committed to continuously improving our operations both ashore and afloat. We believe that in order to provide our customers with a quality service we must strive to make the operation safe and environmentally responsible. Read more

1.2 Safety Policy

Operations are not performed effectively unless they are also performed safely.If an activity is unsafe, the activity is stopped, addressed immediately and appropriate action taken to eliminate the risk of harm to our employees, other persons participating in the activity and the public. Read more

1.3 Quality Policy

We are dedicated to meeting or exceeding customer expectations, to deliver customer satisfaction. Effective management and a strong commitment from all of our employees to continually improve business processes will enable us to accomplish this goal. Read more

1.4 Environment Policy

We recognise the unique and sensitive nature of our operating environment and the major contribution we make to maintaining the quality of our local environment. We are committed to managing environmental matters as an integral part of our business. We are also committed, at a minimum, to prevent pollution from spillage and discharge of oil, disposal of garbage or unacceptable exhaust emissions to the atmosphere caused by our activities. Read more